The Sense of Nature

It's intended to make it self explanatory…


There is high,
yeah I feel there is low,
But you only
Know where to go.

When love is pure,
life go slow
But you only
know where is glow,

All I know is the light,
on this earth we survive,
live the life they decide.
So be it for a try.

Seas no calm,
ain’t give lakes zero out of five.
but you only
know the trick to stay alive

Notes lift up light,
Some still heavy cause you fall
But you only
Know the path they enlight.

Time’s not we divide,
choices all up till we die.
live the way you feel is life,
So be it for a try.


Let’s Unite.

I want to be that light,
over the shadow on this
your beautiful smile.

I want to be that simple,
thought over
your mysterious mind.

Believe me that the light
could make you shine.
Believe me that the stars
could replace the dark.

I want to be that word
you read often,
cause you feel energy inside.

I want to be that moon,
instead of dark patches.
can’t let you mess around.

Believe only this love could
let us unite.
Believe me that these words
gonna change the world.

Painting Perspectives

Deep eyes,
Smile capable enough to hold the crowd.
yet everyone prefer to stay,
Avoid the single step forward
that could result a slap aloud.
Causes the one who’s worthy a sound.
but nobody knows where to be found.

Quite a sound representation of silence,
After all an extreme requirement to reach one’s conscience.
Optimism is to feel the peace that reside.
Whereas pessimism, to ignore the rise inside.

Different perspectives
could give a different shot.
Yet everyone believe in the
perfection of god.

Against Ourself

Holy vibe
We all survive.
Yet we take the honey out,
Capture their hive.

All the stars,
Deep shine bright.
keep at night,
the sky enlight.
yet we burn the earth,
gaze them up,
get a blurry insight.

Almighty to guide,
as its proud child.
show us all,
the peace inside.
yet we draw boundaries,
fight till we divide.

Divine bells

The life we live,
feel across the divine bells.
the troubles you’ve been through,
forget all this mind yells.
Cause the wisdom to guide you forever,
lead your life that precisely spells.

Soul connects the world you belong,
revolve around the divine bells.
the path it takes through,
lies where you find the love smells.
light fills the darkness,
they illuminate to expel.

Knowledge you actually desreve,
with melody and choirs,
Alongwith the divine bells,
could let you come out of the illusion
this universe mirrors.


Thoughts float across the mind,
Inner dynamism, peace outside.
All we need is the breeze
to sweep it all aside.
Cause if you’re restless,
you’ll never decide.

Time’s always right,
But all good faces the wrong sight.
All we need is the breeze
to keep ourself upright.
Once you win the fight,
All it’s up to you to strike.

Someone’s always there to maintain,
yet everyone complain.
All we need is the breeze
to keep it simple and plain.
Cause the need of hour,
is to encompass the strain.

The Dream

Charming face, Shining bright.
Heart at its purest.
Enters inside in silence,
Cuteness splashes out,
“Will you play with me?, my friends all home”.
Oo dear my tongue tied to the string you hold,
Bounded I, agreed.
Gets the ball as the game begins.

With l’il cute hands misses the first ball,
Divine tone prompts out,
“will show you the shot this time”.
Inside my heart,
I find myself for the moment.
Nothing I am exist nowhere.
Only the Happiness wherever I am.

Next moment finds my mom in haste,
Asking about those few books on the floor,
The cuteness then left me stunned,
Poor I am unable to explain what he was.
Cause none other than she I can see now.
Bound to Accept “The Dream”.

The Spinning ball.

Fallen back to the ground,
thinking all I could do,
beating heart,
to let inner tremors settle down.
when a thought intercepts somewhere inside,
with a riddle called “The Spinning ball”.

Yeah I spin, you spin, we all spin..
Depression, hope, confidence, achievement,
rise, falls..
yeah the spin continues..
And the riddle shows a path,
to step forward with a smile.
’cause the ball we live on, “The Spinning ball”

Learn your past,
apply to your present,
cause tomorrow always comes,
brings your future back to present.
The ball we think of,
And we all bound to call it,
“The Spinning ball”.

Invisible Scars..

Scars I feel,
Describing life in a single word,
that we call “pain”.

Result I scratched you off.
Pain that never felt,
Later now began sprouting a little.
Silence continues to prevail,
better to skip overthinking it for a moment.

Hands already tied to a rope,
nothing to cause it loosen.
only friction to set a hope,
no one knows how much it could bear.

but calmness and strong belief,
won’t let my efforts go in vain.

A part of game after all,
We play to win some, to experience some.
So here I’m,
to pick randomly an option.

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